I’m a computer scientist with interests in formal methods, type theory, category theory and programming languages (i.e. Haskell, Java, Scala).

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Topic of interest: Datatype-generic programming in the context of functional programming languages is a technique which enables access to write short high-level functional programs. It offers the functionality to traverse terms without any knowledge about their type, which comes in handy to implement term-transformations (e.g. term-rewriting systems) or extractions of specific values from terms. Since one is able to define such high-level functions, datatype-generic programming enables us the possibility to define algorithms for terms of large types in an elegant way without writing boilerplate source code. In my studies I apply datatype-generic programming as a tool in order to solve problems, which arise in daily software development.

Blog title: “But what is it good for?” – IBM engineer, commenting on the microchip, 1968


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